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Vote Vets Endorsement

I'm honored to have earned the endorsement of My time in the U.S. Army, and now U.S. Army Reserves, has given me the skills & experience to lead groups of people of diverse backgrounds & beliefs in order to accomplish difficult missions. I’ll bring that knowledge & skill set to Hartford in order to serve the people of the 28th district and our state with honor & integrity. "Dear Tim: As you know, there has rarely been a more frightening time in the politics and governance of our nation than there is today. Having America's progressive military veterans fighting for our citizens and Constitution by serving in federal, state and local office could not be more critical than it is now. We know that veterans like you have the leadership and knowledge garnered from a wide range of experiences that are so sorely needed at every level of our government. Because you have more than proven your ability and commitment to lead, we are honored to select you as a VoteVets PAC State and Local Candidate. Congratulations! wishes you the best of luck as you continue your service after the uniform!" -The VoteVets Team

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