Letter to the Editor: Time for a Change

Read the letter in the Newtown Bee.

To the Editor:

It’s time for a change in the Connecticut Senate and Tim Gavin will be that change. Back in late July, I had asked our current representatives important election questions on whether they believed Biden was the legitimate president, whether they supported a woman’s right to choose, if they were in support of stricter gun legislation, and whether they supported the January 6th commission.

Tony Hwang refuses to go on the record with his responses.

If a candidate is too afraid to publicly reveal his stance, his time representing the people is over.

Do you know who answered the questions? Tim Gavin.

He stated his position because he wasn’t afraid. Tim Gavin should be elected to represent Newtown in the next General Assembly because he is ready to listen to his constituents and fight for just causes.

Will you join me in electing Tim Gavin on Tuesday November 8?

Brian Hartgraves Newtown

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