Letter to the Editor: Tim Gavin will provide a fresh perspective in Hartford

I was born in Connecticut, and I have resided in Fairfield for my entire life. I became eligible to vote in 2012, and I have voted in every election I could over the last ten years. As a concerned citizen, I would like to explain my reasons for voting this November for Tim Gavin to be the state senator for Connecticut District 28.

This year, there has been unprecedented assault on our democratic rights and freedoms. Whether it be the right for women to choose what happens to their own bodies, or the right for our children to learn history in school. Tim Gavin promises to protect the rights of women and the rights of children in ways that the incumbent has failed to. As a veteran himself, Tim Gavin also promises to ensure that veterans will get the support they need to return to civilian life, like assistance for job placement and access to mental health programs. His stances on the environment, gun safety, and the economy are also clear. Tim Gavin will create good-paying green jobs, lower the cost of green transportation, support and strengthen Connecticut’s “Red Flag” law, and focus on long-term growth for all of Connecticut’s residents.

I met Tim Gavin over the summer, and he exudes understanding, relatability, and effectiveness as a person and a politician. Not only is he a kind and hard-working man, but he will also provide a refresh and rejuvenated perspective and style to Hartford, where he will safeguard our rights in ways that the incumbent has not. Fairfield needs a strong voice in Hartford to stand up to the encroachment on our rights and freedoms that has been happening across the country. That is why I am voting on Nov. 8 for Tim Gavin.

Gerard Lanzano, member of Gavin campaign

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