Letter to the Editor: Senator Hwang, Respond To Your Constituents

Read the letter in the Newtown Bee.

To the Editor:

It’s hard not to notice the numerous large signs asking for our support for State Senator Tony Hwang while driving down Route 25. Tony and his supporters have tried to reassure us that he is a moderate Republican who will work for all of us. But disappointingly, Tony has repeatedly refused to publicly comment on pressing issues such as:

Does he think President Joe Biden was the legitimately elected president?

Whether he supports a woman’s right to choose?

Does he support the common sense gun legislation of our state?

Does he support the January 6th commission?

It’s sad that Tony asks us to support him when we are uninformed of his positions on these issues.

A Google search indicates Tony supported Ohio Senator John Kasich as his CT campaign chair for Kasich’s presidential bid in 2106. Kasich later went on to make abortion illegal in almost all cases in Ohio. We should not dismiss the importance of our state legislators fighting for our rights and freedoms, and an understanding of a candidate’s stance on all issues is paramount.

As a result, I have no choice but to support Captain Tim Gavin to replace the mysterious Tony Hwang. Tim is an individual who has bravely volunteered to serve his country, has given clear, on-the-record responses to all of these questions, and will clearly put his constituents first.

Please join me in electing Captain Tim Gavin on Tuesday, November 8th.

Respectfully submitted,

Gavin Arneth

Sandy Hook

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