Letter to the Editor: Gavin Will Stand Up For Our Freedoms

Read the letter in the Newtown Bee.

To the Editor:

This election is an opportunity to defend our freedom by electing Captain Tim Gavin to State Senate. Captain Gavin knows first-hand what it takes to maintain our nation’s safety, serving for four years as an active duty infantry officer and now as an officer in the Army Reserves.

Captain Gavin volunteered because he believes in our country and what it represents. After the insurrection last January, Captain Gavin knew he had to stand up again and volunteer again to keep our freedom safe and watching the current election deniers, conspiracy theorists and the Supreme Court work in concert to subvert our Constitution to their view.

We need Captain Gavin on this front, too.

Captain Gavin’s parents are both school teachers and he grew up here and when his active duty was over, he came back to Connecticut, our home. He recognizes that our state can do better for all of our neighbors and he will work hard to ensure that everyone in Connecticut has the freedoms that our Constitution defines.

We can’t let our freedoms wither away by electing someone whose party has become rife with election deniers and fraudsters take more of our freedoms away. We watched the Supreme Court Justices tell the Senate that Roe was settled precedent and then watched again as they callously threw it away.

Captain Tim Gavin will stand up for our freedoms as he has done as an infantryman and will do as our next State Senator.

Eric Paradis

Sandy Hook

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