Letter to the Editor: CT deserves good government; that's Gavin

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Connecticut deserves good government

My state senator needs to be more than just “nice.” I need a state senator who is ethical and will fight to protect ALL my rights. On Nov. 8 I will be voting for Democrat Tim Gavin.

The Democrat majority in Hartford is doing an excellent job. Connecticut is in good fiscal condition. Money has been put away for transportation, taxes are holding steady, and $10 billion has been paid toward pension liabilities.

When Roe v. Wade was decided I was 12 years old. During my child-bearing years my right to choose whether to have a child was protected. Living in Connecticut, I had safe access to contraception and an abortion. I am grateful that I live in a state that has codified these rights, but I am not taking anything for granted. My state senator needs to be able to affect the change I want and protect the rights that have had an enormous impact on my life. For me, that is a state senator that is part of the Democratic majority. That person is Tim Gavin.

Tim Gavin is part of the next generation of leaders. Tim’s degree in ethics from Yale lays the groundwork for strong service. His training as a U.S. Army captain, overseeing 50+ soldiers, demonstrates that he can lead, delegate, and manage. His experience and training with firearms inform his opinion that the second amendment does not guarantee access to semi-automatic weapons. That safety and common sense must drive the decisions made in Hartford. Decisions that impact gun violence prevention, abortion and healthcare rights, and the right to read the book you want and marry the people you love, are all at stake.

Nov. 8 is the time for change. Tim Gavin as our new state senator will be the change and make the change needed. He will safeguard our rights. He protected us during his time in the Army, I know he will protect us when he gets to Hartford.

Jennifer A. Hauhuth, Fairfield

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