Letter to the Editor: Gavin Is The Gun Safety Legislator We Need

To the Editor:

As gun violence prevention advocates, we urge you to vote for Tim Gavin for State Senate in the 28th district (Fairfield, Easton, Newtown and most of Bethel).

Why should gun safety be a priority voting issue for you? Because in 2020, gun violence became the leading cause of death for children in the US. Over 100 people are killed by guns every day in our country. These are terrifying facts.

It is also a fact that states with stronger gun laws suffer less gun violence. Connecticut has been a leader on this issue, but if we don’t elect legislators who will continue to push for strong gun violence prevention measures, our progress could very easily be reversed.

Tim Gavin will vigorously support common sense gun legislation in Hartford. Tim is a Yale graduate with a degree in Ethics. He’s young and brings a fresh perspective to this issue. He is also the only Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s “Candidate of Distinction” in this race.

As a Captain in the US Army, Tim trained soldiers to professionally handle firearms. He is a proven leader who knows first-hand the dangers of semi-automatic weapons when placed in the hands of untrained civilians. He knows that when soldiers exhibit warning signs, they are required to surrender their firearm while they get help.

Tim’s opponent, Tony Hwang, on the other hand, gives us comforting words about “safety” but votes against it. He voted to lift the ban on concealed weapons in state parks and voted against strengthening our red flag laws which keep guns out of the hands of those who are a risk to themselves or others.

Tim Gavin will make sure our safety comes first by being a vocal advocate in Hartford on the issue of gun violence prevention. We need an experienced leader on this issue. Being a nice guy is not enough. Please join us in voting for Captain Tim Gavin, a leader with a vision and a plan of action.

Laura Feinstein, Newtown

Veronica Kenausis, Bethel

Tara Donnelly, Easton

Paula Tommins, Fairfield

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