FEA Endorses Gavin, Leeper, McCarthy Vahey, and Keitt

Prior to the pandemic, public schools were grappling with how to adapt the focus of their efforts to better prepare students to be successful in an ever changing world. Then the pandemic hit and an entire world went into survival mode. As creative and determined as educators were during COVID, overcoming the abnormality of the education experience during a pandemic has left many students with academic, social and emotional challenges. Dealing with these challenges and adopting our schools to a 21st century world requires a substantive knowledge of the education system and student development. Resources will be needed to improve facilities (i.e. air quality) and to help students improve their problem solving, communication, collaboration, cognitive and analytical skills. Policy initiatives are needed to overcome the severe shortage of teachers, para professionals and substitutes every school is experiencing. Leadership is needed to bring parents and educators together for the benefit of our students.

To that end, the FEA recently went through an exhaustive process to determine which individuals running for state office have the background and commitment to advocate for students, educators and education in general in the state assembly. We examined the candidates' resumes, public statements, responses to surveys, answers to questions during the FEA candidate forum and also, where applicable, their voting record. The result of that process was a decision to make the following endorsements:

  • Tim Gavin for state senator in the 28th senatorial district

  • Jennifer Leeper for state representative in the 132nd district

  • Cristin McCarthy Vahey for state representative in the 133rd district

  • Sarah Keitt for state representative in the 134th district

Each of these individuals has demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges facing our students and teachers and a willingness to champion the programs and policies needed to keep our schools safe and prepare our students for a successful life in the 21st century.

Our schools and our students need Tim Gavin, Jennifer Leeper, Cristin McCarthy Vahey, and Sarah Keitt representing Fairfield in the State Assembly. Please vote for them on November 8.

Bob Smoler

President: Fairfield Education Association

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