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Fairfield Democrat Tim Gavin Launches State Senate Campaign for 28th District

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

At a campaign kick-off event on March 2nd, Fairfield Democrat and U.S. Army Reserves Captain Tim Gavin announced his run for State Senate in Connecticut’s 28th District, which serves Fairfield, Easton, Newtown, and most of Bethel. Attendees of the official campaign launch held at Fairfield’s Old Town Hall included State Representatives Cristin McCarthy Vahey (Fairfield) and Anne Hughes (Easton, Redding, Weston) as well as numerous local elected officials & community leaders from within the 28th district, and members of the public.

Fairfield Democratic Town Committee (DTC) Chair, Steven Sheinberg, introduced Capt. Gavin as “a man of integrity, intellect, moral character, and public service.”

“I’m excited to formally declare my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the state senate in the 28th.” Gavin told the energized crowd of more than 60, adding, “I’m running to represent us all… our principles and our values.”

A Connecticut native, Capt. Gavin is originally from Canton. He is currently employed as a Child Safety Project Manager by Meta where he works to combat child exploitation on social media. He is a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves and a former Infantry Officer with the U.S. Army. Capt. Gavin graduated from Yale University in 2017 with a B.A. in Humanities and a concentration in ethics and international affairs. During his time at Yale, Mr. Gavin was involved with a number of volunteer community service projects and organizations. A dedicated community servant from a young age, Capt. Gavin is also an Eagle Scout and former altar boy.

In his remarks at the launch, Capt. Gavin shared about his lifelong commitment to service, both to community as well as to country. Addressing why he is seeking office at this time, Capt. Gavin explained that his passion for public service turned to engagement in political activism efforts following the attack on our nation’s Capitol.

“In 2021, after four years of service, I was preparing to transition back into civilian life and set out to start a career here in Connecticut, where I hope to someday raise a family.”

But January 6, 2021 was a pivotal moment for him. “Seeing the walls of our Capitol scaled and the Senate chamber overrun, all based on a lie? That served as a real wake up call for me. And I think it showed us all how fragile our democracy is. That day motivated me to roll up my sleeves and get involved locally.”

Through his efforts volunteering and organizing on behalf of local Democrats, Capt. Gavin came to realize that many of the priorities of his local state senator were not aligned with his own nor those of many constituents, particularly when related to voting access.

“To see our current state senator vote against easing access to voting in the midst of a pandemic… that just didn’t make much sense to me.” Capt. Gavin said. He cited a number of measures he supports to make voting in Connecticut more accessible, saying, “I think we can all agree that our democracy is stronger when we include as many voices as possible.”

Fairfield State Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey, who also spoke at the campaign launch, said, “Hearing your call to service and your history of service is incredibly moving.”

Although Fairfield’s State Representative Jennifer Leeper was unable to attend the event, Rep. McCarthy Vahey conveyed Leeper’s support saying, “Jenn Leeper sends her enthusiasm and support for your candidacy… we’re so thrilled and honored to be here together with you.”

“We’re going to do this!” said Representative Anne Hughes during her remarks, “I’m so excited to work with Tim on good policy.” She added, “We need Tim on the front lines in the state legislature to keep Connecticut safe… literally.”

Capt. Gavin assumed command of an Army Reserve unit in April and leaves for a month of service at Fort Lee in Virginia on March 7. There he will be completing the Captain's Career Course, which prepares students for the leadership and technical requirements to become successful company commanders. Capt. Gavin will resume campaign activities in person when he returns to Connecticut in the beginning of April.

The 28th senate district Democratic nominating convention takes place on May 10th and Election Day 2022 is Tuesday, November 8th.

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