My name is Tim Gavin, and I'm a Democrat running for State Senate in Connecticut's 28th District to represent Fairfield, Easton, Newtown, and most of Bethel. 

The son of two school teachers, I grew up in Canton, Connecticut, attended college at Yale University, then joined the U.S. Army, serving four years as an active-duty infantry officer. During that time I was stationed all across the country, from Fort Irwin in the Mojave Desert, to Fort Jackson in South Carolina. But when it came time to transition back to civilian life I knew exactly where I wanted to live: Connecticut. I now reside in the beautiful town of Fairfield and work as a product lead for the Integrity Institute, a non-profit dedicated to building a healthier social internet.

Just as I was returning to civilian life something happened in our country that rocked me to my core: the January 6th, 2021 insurrection at our nation’s Capitol.  That day and its aftermath inspired me to return to serving my country, but this time by getting involved in the democratic process.

With my increased involvement in politics, I grew increasingly frustrated by the current state of affairs. Like many in our state, I was tired of politicians talking about getting things done in Hartford only to see them vote against policies that would actually help our community. It's time for our elected officials to actively listen to, and legislate on behalf of, our communities.

If elected, I promise to do just that. I’ll bring a fresh perspective, an eagerness to listen, and a thoughtful approach to the General Assembly where I’ll work together with lawmakers to ensure our district – and our state – is a more prosperous, resilient, and equitable place for all.

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Born and Raised

in Connecticut

Raised in the Farmington Valley as the son of public school teachers, I’ve developed a steadfast belief in the strength of our government workers and the beauty of a family life that’s rooted in public service and enriched by public programming, parks, and recreation.

Community Service 

Throughout my life, my family has been deeply involved in our local community, inspiring me to serve as an altar boy in our local church, volunteer at the nature center, and to fulfill conservation projects as an Eagle Scout. At Yale, I led a program that connected students with volunteer service outreach opportunities in the city of New Haven.

Military Service

I am a proud Army veteran and currently command a Higher Headquarters Detachment in the US Army Reserve. As such, I understand firsthand the sacrifices made by our nation’s military personnel, veterans, and first responders.